Why You Should Implement an Integrated Shipping Solution For Your ECommerce Small Business

With countless eCommerce Shopkeepers operation all over the world, it's safe to the competition is fierce. Online shoppers are always looking for a great bargain and value when they visit your shop. However, your online sales are dependent on more than that. As a matter of fact, many shoppers consider the cost of shipping and handling, because the high shipping cost may ultimately denigrate any given value when compared to retail pricing. As you try to offer great value to your customers, you should remember to keep the shipping cost affordable, and the deliver fast. Figure out why you should integrate such a system into your online store, and how the solutions can help you increase sales by attracting new customers and retaining the old ones. Considering post office shipping? Watch this video:  https://youtu.be/lkCJpfRWkCE

Tips on Finding a Small Business Shipping Solution
Offering shipping services, knowing what you are looking for will be very helpful. The tips provided below can help you with the search for the best among the leading service providers that will ensure you find one that matches your needs and provides quality order fulfillment:

o Compatibility: Research every supplier to ensure that their solutions work with your shopping cart and website. Some providers offer many integrations while others offer a few.

o Compare integrations: What additional services does the service provider offer? Can you export data to your QuickBooks to make bookkeeping easier?

o Multi-carrier support: Make sure that the solution supports the carriers that you are thinking about. Avoid limiting yourself to just one type of carrier.

o Discount shipping integration: some providers offer discount postage. The very best shipping options will integrate with the providers to enable you to provide lower shipping prices and faster delivery windows.

o Test-drive the solution before making a purchase: Always do some testing before buying. Most providers offer a complementary trial period. Be sure that you use this to compare different providers and assess which one you prefer over the other.

o Rate customer care and technical service: You will probably encounter a few bumps when you are first getting started out. Integration could have a few problems. So ensure that you evaluate the level of technical and customer service being offered to assure you will be assisted incase of any problems.

Competing in the world of eCommerce nowadays requires lots of determination and commitment. With your operations being powered by shipping options for small businesses like FirstMile, you can benefit which include: lower shipping prices, faster delivery of packages and improved sales and customer retention. Additionally, you stand to benefit a lot from more reclaimed time that you can use to expand your business operations.